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Everybody has one. Storytelling has been such an important part of our oral history as Caribbean people — it has helped us to understand our ancestors’ experiences and discover more about ourselves. It shows us what we have in common — we can all identify with that “Me too!” moment of revelation when we realise we’re not alone in a struggle; when a story just resonates.

Great stories strengthen connections, spark ideas, inspire empathy, offer new ways of considering issues,  provide deeper insights into universal life experiences and reveal both our commonalities and our differences — and this is just what our upcoming web series aims to do.

By filming people in their own environments telling their own stories, we hope to create emotional connection and start improving the way we relate to one another — in our families, communities, wider society and eventually, globally — as Caribbean people in a wonderfully complex space.

So…got a story people need to hear? Stories of personal struggle and triumph? Stories of how families, neighbours and communities come through for one another? Stories of selfless acts of kindness? A story that changed someone’s life? A funny story? A story about love? Stories that prove our shared humanity will always be the thing?

Click on our website’s contact link  and tell us about it! We’ll go through each submission and if your pitch makes us laugh, cry or get inspired, we’ll come and film you talking about it as part of our series. Sound good? Good. Because we could all use a little more good news in our lives.


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