We love telling stories and screenwriting is where our heart lies.

We were thrilled to be part of The British Council Script Development Workshop, facilitated by script development consultant, Ludo Smolski, who also happens to teach the National Film and Television School’s Postgraduate Diploma in Script Development. The sessions focused on the “concept and practice of good script development by focusing on the role of the story editor and how they work with screenwriters and producers”.

One of our projects, “Silk Road”, was chosen for the Caribbean Film Mart at the 2018 trinidad + tobago film festival. The project already got great feedback in a pitch workshop led by former head of BBC drama Peter Ansorge, who now runs the short courses department at the UK’s National Film and Television School, and we’re in the process of attracting funding for the series. There are also two shorts that we’re aiming to get produced in 2020.