Growing into 2019

Yes, we know it’s February, so this is hardly a “New Year” post, but it is our first for the year. 2019 started off in a rather exciting way for us, and we’ve been so busy with other stuff that we’ve not been as diligent about updating our website. We plan to change that, because

Love film…

It’s been a while since you heard from us – but sometimes silence is good, because it means the work, rather than the promotion of it, is the focus. We’ve always liked our work to speak for itself, but at the same time, we’re excited to tell you what we’ve been working on, and a lot of it has

See Jane. See Jane Run a Company.

  How did a fascination with football and ladybugs translate into the kind of grit needed to become a CEO? Jane Wight knows. And BOSS, Trinidad and Tobago’s leading office solutions firm, which she now leads, knew that in her, they had found something special. Now, they needed everyone else to know it too —


…is something that’s escaped us more than we like to admit! You know that saying about the shoemaker’s children? Well, it’s something like that — we’ve been spending so much time (and having so much fun!) working on our clients’ projects that we haven’t quite dedicated the time to updating our own blog space, so

‘Tis the Season!

We’ve been so busy that we haven’t always had time to post what we’ve been doing — we’re in the planning stages of producing a feature film, all while working on a few website redesigns and putting out Christmas content for some of our favourite clients. Our founder also recently graduated from the Women Innovators Network in

Savour the Style of Savannah East!

The new edition of the biannual newsletter we write for RGM is out — and it’s just as beautiful as the modern spaces and stunning views of Savannah East, the company’s newest corporate lease property which is carded to be Trinidad and Tobago’s first LEED-certified building! There’s something in there for architecture and interior design enthusiasts,


Everybody has one. Storytelling has been such an important part of our oral history as Caribbean people — it has helped us to understand our ancestors’ experiences and discover more about ourselves. It shows us what we have in common — we can all identify with that “Me too!” moment of revelation when we realise we’re not alone in a

Welcome to the relaunch of

  When my son was born, nearly seven years ago, I took a step back from business. That “outsider” perspective made me look at what I do from a different angle (always a good thing for writers and filmmakers). This was the same time that social media exploded and everyone from companies to governments jumped on